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here you will find some of the latest news related to science and technology which will help you to be updated with the current world.

1.Have you ever heard that a particle can exist at two different places simultaneously. A new double slit experiment proved that even molecules (made up of 2000 atoms) can be observed at two different places simultaneously. To know more about this please click here.

2.We have been studying our anatomy for thousands of year and yet we haven't found and categorized all the organs in our human body. To know about some of the newsest organs of a human body click here.

3.Recently our scientists have managed to interact photons with themselves and created a new form of light called photonic molecules to know more about it please Click here.

4.Finally it happens you don't need to charge your phone again it will automatically get charged through your Wi-Fi in near future. To know more about this please Click here.

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