Welcome to my chemistry section 

Here we will try to provide you the most fascinating informations about the small entities of this universe like atoms, molecules etc. Have a look on what we have... 

1.New exotic states of matter:

There are more than 20 states of matter in the universe. We have found some exotic states of matter, which are more weirder than you think. To know more please click the heading.

 2. Helium hydride: Universe's first molecule

If you are curious to know about the universe's first molecule and how it's formed and how our scientists managed to detect it then must read our full article.

3. Photonic molecules: 

Molecules made out of photons. Sounds impossible right...  But scientists managed to create molecules out of photons. If molecules can be made from photons then it might be possible to made crystals made out of photons. To know more please read the full article.

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