Cyborg Technology

What are cyborgs?

When we think about ''cyborgs'', we imagine humans merged with machines or robos with human like intelligence and feelings and some of you might think normal humans with enhanced night and day vision with muscular metal limbs and and a super calculative mind. 

As new technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual simulations, robotics, biotechnology are emerging. This will bring humans and machines more closer and closer. Which will result in the merging of humans and robots. 

We are using prosthetic limbs artificial hearts and kidneys and in the near future we may use super computers to store our memory and consciousness and this all will create complexities to differentiate between humans and machines.

Nowadays people are getting more advanced and technology driven. Some people have implanted sensors into their fingers to open their home doors and also to unlock their cars. 

Cyborgs in real life:

Let's have a look on one of the most fascinating cyborgs from all around the globe...

Professor cyborg:

crazy Professor from UK named Kevin Warwick has been transforming himself into a cyborg since 1998, when he installed electronic implants in his arms. These gave him powers to turn on automatic doors,smart lights, heaters, and computers with the swipe of his arm.

He took another adventurous step in the year 2002 when he flooded his nervous system with 100 electrodes, allowing him to control a foreign robotic arm. His experiments were so amazing that his wife mind got blown away and she decided to become a super lady from the future and became a cyborg just like his husband. Implanted sensors and microchips in her arm allowed her to communicate a physical signal to her husband over the internet, just by moving her hand.

These cyborg couples are unbelievable but they do exist in reality and they do awesome things together. Feel free to share your thoughts about professor cyborg in our comment box.

Night vision:

In the year 2015, An American bio-hacking group made night vision a reality. This group created a chlorophyll concoction out of chemicals used to treat night blindness to extend human vision into the infrared. in their experiment, they placed the liquid into brave group member Gabriel Licina's eyes, which turned into black.
After the completion of the project, now she have some super human vision capabilities. Don't worry she can not trough lasers from her eyes or she can watch your neon underwear that you have worn to impress your hypothethical girlfriend. But she can do some cool stuff though,that we normal humans can't do, for example she have the ability to see objects from 10 meters away in complete darkness. She was even able to distinguish individual figures hiding in woods at night time from 50 meters away.

Finger flash drive:

Normally, fingers are used to perform many sorts of things like picking,pushing etc. But A computer programmer Jerry Jalava brought about an unnatural change when he installed a two-gigabyte USB flash drive in his ring finger. It was after that when Jerry accidentally lost his ring finger and was casually suggested by the doctors to replace that but he took that on him and made this possible. That seemed to be so realistic.

Smart prosthetic limbs:

A man from UK named David Gow created a company called Touch Bionics has created an i-limb which is similar to Luke skywalker's hand in Star Wars with 5 individually power fingers and a rotating Thumb and wrist. It is the most dexterous prosthetic hand over ever be created with 24 different types of grips that the user can select with the app on their mobile.

 It can also be controlled with muscle signals using electrodes in the wrist that communicates with the device's computer to perform preset movements. Right now, the i-limb has an Aluminium chassis but they are developing artificial skin for those who basically don't want to be confused with the Terminator.

Hearing colour:

Sounds weird right... But technology have the power to feel us something extra ordinary. Here's an example of something like that—

Neil Harbisson was a common colour blind person but one day his life changed, when he upgraded himself with a powerful high tech antenna. He attached the antenna permanently to his head. He was born only able to see black and white but now he is able to see a wide variety of colors beyond human perception. The device translates color frequencies into sound frequencies, which allows Harbisson to “hear” color.

One of the most fascinating thing is that,the implant also has an internet connection,so people can send images, files and music to his head directly. Harbisson’s brain has adapted to the device by building new neural pathways that allow advanced perception.


Cyborgs are not just sci-fi characters in movies, they exist in reality and they are super awesome. Some cyborgs can even open doors just by moving their hands.  In 2010, a scientist named Mark Gasson planted chips in his hand and somehow got infected the chip with a computer virus.

He demonstrated that, despite the chip being inside his body, it could impact external networks, and he was able to corrupt several office computers simply by walking through them.

cyborgs are preety awesome right but they can be dangerous too..  It's upto us, how we use our futuristic technology.

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