Interesting space facts

Lets take a deep dive into this astonishing world of cosmos. Now you are going to read some of the coolest things about this universe.

10.Twilight phenomenon 

These spectacular phenomenon occurs when the unburnt fuel particles in the rocket trail and water condense, freeze and then expand in the thinner upper atmosphere and illuminated by sunlight. These giant colourful doodles in the sky leave us wondering what their message may be. But before we can decipher it, they’ve already disappeared.

9.cold stars

Yupp you read it right, in this vast cosmos, cold stars do exist.These failed stars are generally called brown dwarfs. The coldest brown dwarf star is known as WISE 1828+2650, this chilly star is not even as warm as a human body,  but less then 25°c.

8.Sun's colour 

You will be surprised to know that the colour of our sun is not yellow.It looks yellow to us because the Earth’s atmosphere scatters higher wavelength colors, like red, orange and yellow less easily, but actually all the colours mix up together, which appears to our eyes as white.

7.rogue planets

In space, there are some planets which do not orbit any stars but they orbit the galactic centre directly. These fellow lonely planets have been ejected from their planetary systems, in which they have formed or never been gravitationally bounded with any stars.

6.cold welding 

One of the interesting thing about space is that, you don't need any welding machine to joint your metallic mechanical parts. You just have to brought them in contact and they will automatically joint liquid or molten phase is required to joint them. 

5.Dark matter 

You must have heard about it. This is one of the strangest thing in this universe. Our scientists really don't know anything about it. We just know that it is a hypothetical form of matter, which is thought to be non-baryonic in nature and possibly composed of some undiscovered sub atomic particles. You will be astonished to know that 85% of the mass of the whole universe is thought to be dark matter.

4.Venusian years

You will be amazed to know that a weird planet exist in our solar system whose days are longer than their years (it's venus) . It takes 243 earth days to rotate once on it's axis,  while our planet earth takes only 23.25h to complete it's rotation. A bonus fact for you - venus is the only planet that rotates in the opposite direction to other planets.

3.Sun spots

These weird phenomenon occurs in the sun's surface for a temporary time. These are the regions of reduced surface tempreture caused due to the concentration of magnetic field flux. Sun spots usually appear in pairs of opposite magnetic polarity


These are a special kind of neutron stars,  having an ultra strong magnetic field, which is a 1000 trillion times stronger than the earth's magnetic field. These fellow magnetars are the most magnetic objects in space. These magnetars are so much powerfull that these can easily rip a part of our space shuttles from a great distance.

1.Floating water in space 

The cosmos never ceases to amaze us. In 2018 scientists found a massive water vapour cloud floating in space around an ancient distant quasar. Scientists have estimated that this water reservoir contains 140 trillion times the mass of all the water in the earth. 

Just imagine 

  1. If we could supply these huge amount of water to other planets than hypothetically, we could terraform 140 million planets. 

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