The immortal jelly fish

The immortal jelly fish


Introduction :

The name of this divine creature is turritopsis nutricala. It was discovered in the Mediterranean sea in 1883 but it's unique regenerative ability was unknown till mid 1990s.


These incredible creature can transform themselves into their sexually immature stage when they become old. Their cells convert into their earliest form.

Their tentacles retract their bodies shrink and they sink to the ocean floor,where they convert into a blob and their cells then undergo a process called TRANSDIFFERENCIATION.In which the cells essentially transform into different types of cell.
For example:   muscle cells can become eggs or sperms. Nerve cells can change into muscle cells or any other different type of cells. 

They can only die if they get eaten by another fish or if a disease strikes the jelly. 

Question for You :

What if the genes of this divine creature, which involves in the process of transdifferenciation could be extract and put it inside the human embryo.

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