Black hole: The Space Monster

What is a Black hole? 

A Black hole is a region of space time holding a huge amount of gravitational force around it.The gravitational pull around it is so strong that even light cannot escape from this space monster. 
The theory of general relativity says that a sufficiently compact mass can deform space time to form a black hole. The boundary of the region from which no escape is possible is called the event horizon. 

How black holes are formed? 

When massive stars reach the end of their lives. When all the energy of the sun is exhausted.the top layer of the sun collapse inside and then explode out as a powerful burst called supernova.yet a small part of the stars remains behind.
According to Einstein's equations of general relativity if the remnant has about three times the mass of earth's sun.The remnant or the star core's powerful gravitational force will overwhelm everything else and the material from which it's made will be crushed to an infinite small point with infinite density. Which we will call it as a black hole. 

The first ever image of a black hole

On 10th april 2019,the world sees the first ever image of a black hole. This supermassive black hole M87* is located 55 million light year away from the earth.

It's pretty hard to take a picture of something that light cannot escape from. 
Now to take this picture we needed 8 telescopes with a resolution of 2500 times better then the hubble telescope.
With some sophisticated computer program the scientists link and synchronize all the 8 telescopes from around the globe.
Scientists collected petabytes of data from the event horizon telescope or EHT.then they send the data and information to the Us and Germany through hard drives to be processed into a picture.

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