Axolotl: The super regenerater


This spectacular creature is axolotl,popularly known as mexican walking fish. Actually it is not a fish but an astonishing amphibian.these rare endangered creatures are only found in the lakes of Mexico on nearby it.


This cute looking creature have unbelievable properties.this creature have some superficial regenerative property to heal itself in a magical way. 

They can regenerate preety much everything in their bodies.which includes limbs,jaws,tail,skin and other parts too.

They can also regenerate spinal cord even after being cut, crushed or removed.

These astonishing creature can even regenerate some parts of their brain after being cut.

They can regenerate the same limb more than 100 times without showing any signs of scaring at the site of amputation.

This surprising  creatures can also receive  transplanted organs from each other and accept without rejection.

This crazy creature is also cancer resistant.

This cute looking creature have the ability to reach sexual maturity without undergoing metamorphosis.

This organism remain in it's larval form in it's entire life. 

Just imagine:

If it's regenerative property could replicate on human beings then the population of disabled person will be decrease drastically.

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